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now picture them tripping ungracefully and falling down some stairs


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omg.. this is the best thing ever, i am dying

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it’s been 20 years for fuck sake Usagi get your shit together

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this has been an important announcement thank you

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TitleTalk Seducing To Me.

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"average person does 3 calibrations a day" factoid actually just a statistical error. average person does 0 calibrations a day. Callibrations Garus who lives in space and does 10,000 calibrations a day is an outlier adn should not have been counted

The King Is Alive…But The Queen Is Dead.


Hey everyone. This is going to be very long and a trigger warning for some discussion of rape and abuse.

I’ve had a lot of fun building up this archive over the years and it’s been great to see quite a few tumblr blogs dedicated to the women of Supernatural pop up.

However, I have reached the end of my patience with the show itself and will not be watching from now on. I actually stopped officially watching after the S9 midseason finale. I was extremely disappointed in the lack of plot coherence and in the brutal killings of three female characters in one episode.

I did happen to catch Captives and was very impressed with the decision to bring Linda back alive. I was not impressed with her immediate erasure soon after, though. Just like Lisa, Amelia, Krissy, Cassie, Missouri, Dorothy and Charlie, she was sent to “Well at least we didn’t kill her!” Land until who knows when.

Bringing back female characters for half episodes or for one episode per season is not treating them or female fans correctly. It’s teasing, luring us in and misleading. It keeps you watching for another week longer without actually doing anything. Now that Meg is erased, Jody is the only female character who is truly a part of the show’s universe in an immediate, constant sense. She survives, she develops, she learns, she fails, she succeeds, she continues, she perseveres. She gets to come back. She lives. Nine years and nine seasons in, we have literally one truly living female character.


Female fans of SPN, please hear me out. We all deserve so much better from our media than this.

There are shows out there now where we don’t have to pretend or make do with scraps or make blogs that try to compensate for the constant erasure and killing off.

Our media should not continually hurt or belittle us. We deserve for our media to celebrate, reflect, appreciate and examine us in all our many identities, shapes and forms. We don’t deserve to be reduced, shamed, beaten, gutted, erased, stereotyped, harassed, ignored, forgotten, raped and killed. We deserve a reflection of ourselves, not of the way men treat us.

I just want you all to be informed so I ask you to never forget what this show has done:

(Trigger warning)

Never forget that this writing team desperately wanted to see their lead male raping a dead body of a female lead because it’d be edgy. If there had been no women on the writing team at the time, it would’ve happened.

Never forget that a producer said “Ratings!” when asked why women on the show are tortured naked.

Remember that the writers have played both female and male rape for laughs numerous times. Remember Sam and Dean laughed in the face of a male rape victim in tears as he recalled his rape. Remember that both lead characters have been raped (Dean with the aliens and Sam with Satan) and the writers have never addressed it aside from random taunts from evil characters (Soulless Sam and Satan).

Never forget that Jared publicly stated he would like to kill Snookie…and the show fulfilled his fantasy.

Never forget that Jared and Jensen’s bodyguard publicly told fans he considers women being killed off as a quintessential element of the show.

Never forget how Misha risked his working relationship with…pretty much everyone behind the scenes, by publicly stating at a con that he was fed up with the rampant misogyny that took away from his enjoyment of the show. Never forget that not long after that, his character both unknowingly raped and was raped by a female character who was killed off. Never forget that his criticism of the sexism was never addressed or spoken of again.

Never forget that Ellen’s death was completely unnecessary and she was only brought back once to serve Bobby’s story. Remember that Jo never got to fulfil her last wish but that Garth gets everything he ever wants.

Never forget that the three most prominent women of colour - Cassie, Kali and Missouri - were erased after one episode. Remember that almost every prominent white male character has come back somehow.

Remember that the first lesbian character the show created was gutted and killed horrifically within minutes of her being introduced. Remember that the second lesbian character they made was a shining light in a failing series and her episodes rated so high that…the writers sent her to an alternate universe.

Never forget these writers robbed Anna of her entire purpose and storyline, gave it to Cas, had her erased then brought back uncharacteristically evil just to be killed by a man. Never forget they did exactly this AGAIN in one single episode in S9 with Hael.

Never forget this show kept Meg alive for 8 years only to have her serve Castiel’s development before being tortured, killed and forgotten entirely. Never forget the writers immediately replaced her with Abaddon, a literal clone of Meg - same endgame goals, same attitude, same style - then did the EXACT same thing to her character too - brought her back to exploit her popularity, erased her 99% of the time, gave her an unnecessary romance plot, linked her to Crowley, had Crowley treat her like dirt and hurl slurs at her, then had her brutally killed in horrible circumstances.

Never EVER forget this show is entirely based around the brutal fridging of Mary and Jessica in order to kickstart Sam, Dean and John’s story.

This show is rotten.

Abaddon’s death should be the last straw for all of us. We should just pack our things and get the hell out of dodge because if she isn’t allowed her endgame, nothing is going to improve.

She was a knight of Hell, she outranked a powerful evil male character. She could’ve won. She could’ve been the woman to destroy the misogynist Crowley is. We could’ve watched him burn as she stood over him. We could’ve prevailed in having a wholesome good female character (Jody) and a wholly evil female character (Abaddon) both alive, prominent, important, respected, influential and succeeding in their own respective fields and goals.

They rewarded Jody, but they reduced and robbed Abaddon. The character we so wanted to see dub herself The Queen Of Hell was reduced to a “hag”. That’s what she is to those writers. A stone in the shoe of the living male characters.

Understand what they’re telling women: they do not like us. They never did. They’re the bullies, liars and creeps we avoid in the streets. So why do we let them treat us that way in our media?

We all deserve so much better. If SPN is still your favorite show, that’s OK. Watch whatever the hell you want. All I’m saying is think about how this show treats you as a woman. What does it tell you women are? What we mean?

I will not be posting here anymore but I’m more than willing to hand the URL over to someone else if they’d like to take over. I have a few rules I’d like followed about content but, otherwise, if you want it, this blog can be yours. Just PM me and we’ll chat :)

This post was a criticism of the show and its creators but I do not endorse sending the creators/writers/actors any kind of hate nor harassing them online. Do not ever personally attack or threaten these people. Critique their work, and call them out but nothing more and nothing aggressive. Ever. No ifs or buts.

Thanks to all of you, you all made the show that much more enjoyable by supporting this blog and the women it represents. You can still talk to me over at my main blog: femalebattlecry.

See you around xo

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mean girls came out on april 30th 2004. the 10 year anniversary is this year and april 30th is a wednesday and if the whole world does not wear pink i’m moving to saturn


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The newest thing in mercenary and bounty hunter fashion, tactical pumps

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find a way to embed this on my grave

that was a ride from beginning to end

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I Support Marriage Equality
I Support Marriage Equality